What is hosting?


Not to create your web-site on the Internet, it's still need somewhere to place. Hosting such an arrangement is called the World Wide Web pages.

The word comes from the English host, which has several definitions: the host computer, the owner or the owner of the hotel. Interestingly, it is the owner of the hotel closest to the correct interpretation of this concept. But, actually, what is hosting and why is it needed?

Suppose, on the computer you've made an interesting page. And here in front of you a question: how to publish it on the Internet so that users can at any time have access to it?

Of course, you can do so that everyone from the Internet can view this creation directly from your computer. However, this would need to perform three conditions:

Your computer must constantly work;
Your computer must have a permanent connection to the Internet;
The speed of your Internet connection should be high. Otherwise, when you view a page multiple users, they will have problems (eg long waiting response);
It is necessary to establish a rather complex software.
As you can see, to place a page on the Web using your personal computer, faced with big problems and costs.

But there is another way to get rid of this headache. It - hosting.

In this case, your page will be physically located in your PC and the server company that provides hosting services (ie the services of placement of pages on the Internet). Note that these services are very cheap - about $3-10 per month, check this one out.

There are also many companies offering free hosting. While free hosting has its drawbacks.

On your page will be someone else's ads, it will not always be available. And the address of the page on such hosting is an indicator of a low social status and frivolous attitude towards such an important matter. Therefore, if you decide to place a page on the Internet, do so on a paid hosting. So it will be more solid and reliable.

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