The legal psychoactive substances

The legal psychoactive substances

Narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances are prohibited and legal psychoactive substances, which can be bought in an ordinary drugstore. But despite this separation damage from all types of psychoactive substances and the same entheogens, poisoning substance is not uncommon among drug addicts. Drugs in pharmacies despite the substance abuse prevention can often buy without a prescription.

Pharmacy attract addicts of all types and stripes. Drugs are sold in a pharmacy, of course, not in pure form but as a part of numerous compositions, which uses modern pharmaceuticals. Parents should clearly imagine that legal psychoactive substances far more than they realize. Some drugs contain psychoactive substances suitable as a semi-finished products for the preparation of hard drugs. Sometimes, children - drug addicts can be heard unfamiliar words - "beggars", a tablet - a pharmacy or "floats" - prescription drugs.

Classification of substances

Pharmaceutical drugs can be divided into three large groups: - medicines that enter the pharmacy and dispensed strictly on the account,

-medicines that are dispensed by prescription, OTC medicines.

- drugs in the pharmacy is released under a strict record-keeping.

Research Chemicals at the pharmacy to exchange recipes. The recipes have a lot of protection stages - Print doctors and medical institutions in the future is carefully checked at the moment of the purchase of medicines, and in the future. In the case of the need for a pharmacist can make a phone call in a medical institution that issued the "suspicious" recipe strict accountability. Prevention of substance abuse in this case is "on high", legal psychoactive substances do not just buy, not every health care worker has the right to write such prescriptions strict accountability.

Legal psychoactive substances that are sold in pharmacies by prescription

Distribution and use of psychoactive substances inhibited so the same system on presentation of a prescription drug holiday. But reporting on these types of recipes there and a large number of really available drugs from pharmacies teenage addicts are used as semifinished products for potions. Pharmacies with negligent staff Subpart called "pritorchennymi". Go behind the pharmacy nook and if with traces of a public toilet adjoin the empty packs of unknown drugs - this pharmacy long chosen addicts and delivers them medication for "buzz". Probability "vymutit" (slang for drug addicts - to buy) in the pharmacy psychoactive substances is much higher. Many "black" there is a presentation of pharmacies - psychoactive substance exposed on the counter.

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