Reviews of sports injury in martial disciplines

Addressing the martial arts in a variety of purposes to individuals. It would be as fitness and art in order to increase flexibility or to competition and competition or in order to be used for personal defense. Contrary to what the public perception is the incidence rate of serious injury in this sport than, for example, low incidence of injury in martial arts is about 1/10 football and 1.2 ships with the amount of injuries the incidence rate is skill athlete (colour belts) the relationship is reversed. Of the severity of the injuries created a direct relationship with the amount of skill is located in athlete (because of the use of combined maneuvers and more dangerous force) so the person with more skills and more professional if what he amount of damage is reduced, but the likelihood of being harmed if tougher.

The frequency of injuries
The likelihood of injury in martial arts is about 17 at 100/000 people. This amount of 100/000 in football and basketball at 167-188 in 100/000 and 26 in 100/000 on the ship.
60% of the pathologies associated with the martial arts tournament in the sport, and when 40% of them in times other than the tournament occurs.
The probability of injury, hit search in karate punches hurt more than the possibility of looking for foot kicks.
The probability of injury in foot pursuit of the Taekwondo kicks hurt more than the possibility of following the fist hit.

The causes of the injuries in the martial arts
Hit kicks directly into the body.
Rotational equilibrium and maneuvers
Repetitive movements such as dancing feet or punching to Mitt as consecutively (the probability of fracture of the foot caused by stress)

The distribution of injuries in martial arts
-WTF is this:
52% of injuries in the head and neck area.
17% of injuries in the area of the upper extremity.
17% of injuries in the area of the inferior do

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