Physiological adaptability principle in practice

The principle of compatibility of exercise is another practice that is Science decathlon principles today. This tamrinati that you know that you do every day on the basis of what principles is to help you to understand your exercises that you can do more. the principle of compatibility of the practice as the name suggests is to point out that you are the effect of the implementation of a series of regular and scientific preparation exercises in physical and physiological systems yourself to practice it to a consistency you want. Compatibility is an important exercises in that continuous and scientific practice.

In this example, note that
You every day with dembli 5 kg weight workout. In the beginning, maybe with a little bit of difficulty do the sets and gestures but surely you after a one-month period of practice in the biceps (front arm) to a physical condition that it is normal for your weight can be a difficult and somewhat first. This is the same principle of compatibility of the practice. in fact

Your arm muscles with weights of 5 kg and it is specified at the beginning of the program and repeat the numbers after a month has been quite consistent and now it is time for high intensity exercises.
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