Six wrong ways for fitness

1) Water retention and weight gain is caused by eating too much?
▪ No - If the body is deficient in a vital matter that keeps your water clear of the water, it is not an exception after eating, of course, along with many due to the consumption toxins in the body of protein and high especially bodybuilders increased blood urea require larger amounts of water.

2) Sauna Slim is?▪ No - Sauna only cause the body to excrete water and the accumulation of lactic acid due to strenuous exercise and muscle pain are sweating, and increased temperature sauna is a good choice, otherwise the fat-burning not have any effect by external factors.

3) weight loss diets are the number one enemy of fats from the diet and should be eliminated altogether? ▪ No - just the basic diet consists of nutrients and good fats (unsaturated fatty acids), which are found in abundance in oily seeds should be included in the diet for bodybuilders because it is important that the fats in balance hormone levels and the role of hormones and other vital functions are critical for muscle building and fat should be consumed while completely eliminating the state of the body's defense it to be.

4) Egg yolks should not be used because of high cholesterol levels?
▪ No - If the separation of yolk and albumen was always sure God created them separately in the nature of most bodybuilders today complete with a sufficient number of eggs in the diet of their egg, and the food sources of Vitamin rich Zardeh Eggs are also used.

5) for a pre-workout energy drinks are a good option?
▪ No - unlike the propaganda wing of the drink you do not have a high percentage of sugar and flavorings and carbonic acid are formed for energy pre-workout carbohydrates consisting of a power glycemic-index use Paydar and have good workouts.

6) Do not use carbo Hydratha the evening close to bedtime?
How can you have an objective basis for a belief is true or false if the volume to take to note that the body's anabolic calories Vzlh of the is the Add means the club, the era of you have a intensity trainings recovery process after training and before sleep should be Krbvhydra enough to eat. Note the large amount of fat and build muscle simultaneously is not possible.

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