Several recommendations for building muscle

Several recommendations for building muscle Now if you are a beginner to this program and I do not rush to gain muscle mass beginner bodybuilder who work less than 4 to 6 months to allow the body tissues to make integrated practicing bones.

Using heavy weights and low reps after warming up with 1 or 2 is set to warm up weight as 6 to 8 times more not to be able to choose.Try to use the 4-momentum and ultimately do more exercises for 8 sets 2 sets 2 sets of bench press 2 sets up bra shelf with dumbbells, 2 sets of the bench press.

Extent of disability practice: choose weights so that the training is complete at the end of Knydv not able to replicate even one additional motion and muscle pain that Rabdanyd Do not feed the muscle.

Use extra reps when training is finished the final 2 seconds, stop and then two additional momentum to carry it through training to run or want to reduce your weight.The use of negative reps when training is finished your workout you lift the weight from the middle to lower part of the hive to help you do it a negative momentum alone can do this for one or two iterations .

Slow reps: Most experts recommend that positive part of the movement should be 1 to 2 Second run and negative in 2 to 4 seconds and 1 second to stop the contractions.Continuous tension on the muscle: Did you ever think that some of the movements of the joint should be completely open or not, but we know that in all actions should not let the joints to be fully open on the stretch of damage Amanollahi stay is a constant muscle.

Use free weights: Free weights (dumbbells Haltrv) more muscle fibers than machines and devices employ foul stabilizing muscles of the body too.After motions to include in your training program.

Stretch: As I've already explained about the importance of this stretch should also know that stretching causes muscles to absorb nutrients better and be fit for muscle growth.Finally, after a while the body gets used to the movement, try switching your plan to  change it after a few moves run some 6 weeks.

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