Proper care of the skin around the eyes


Everyone knows that the first signs of aging in women appear around the eyes, because in this area the most thin layer of the epidermis and almost no sebaceous glands and muscles, causing the skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity. That is why the skin around the eyes requires regular, thorough, and most importantly, proper care.

Skin care around the eyes, namely constant hydration, should begin as soon as possible. Because the skin of the eyelids all the time mobile (facial expressions, blinking), except for sleeping, stretching the skin and the first wrinkles with insufficient moisture may appear fairly quickly. With 20-25 years skin needs special care, which includes cleansing, toning, moisturizing and nourishing. Should be very careful to choose the means skincare century. In addition, up to 25-30 years is better to refrain from the use of anti-aging skin care around the eyes, of course, if the skin is not only to be in" poor" condition. Best care to use lightweight, moisturizing creams and gels. In addition, very well suited for this purpose, a variety of natural oils that are effective. They can be purchased at any pharmacy at an inexpensive price. When selecting skin care around the eyes, always pay attention to their composition. Very well, if in the funds include vitamins A and E. In addition, choosing a variety of means to care for the skin around the eyes, it is necessary not only forget about the type of skin, but also consider the age. For example, the choice of means to care for the skin around the eye after 40 years it is best to give preference to facilities that promote cell regeneration and renewal, as well as the production of collagen and elastin, thereby helping to restore skin elasticity and firmness. For young skin is the most suitable cosmetics, which includes extracts from fruits and plants, as well as vegetable oils. Particular attention should be paid to cosmetics from the appearance of facial wrinkles. Such funds often provide a temporary effect, but elimination of their use may, as a rule, can aggravate the skin condition. The reason is that the effect of cosmetics from facial wrinkles is mainly aimed at weakening the muscle contractions that contribute to slower tissue blood supply. As a result, we have no power of skin cells around the eyes, loose skin, which appears even more wrinkles.

Now consider directly the main stages the skin around the eyes.

Cleansing is an important, regular and mandatory procedure. For eye makeup remover is usually used special milky lotion. Today the cosmetic industry offers the latest facilities for eye makeup remover, representing two liquids that do not mix with each other: in the upper fluid includes ultra-light oil that perfectly remove waterproof makeup, lower liquid contains soothing plant extracts, used to relieve the"ordinary" cosmetics and irritation. Apply greasy creams and oils-based tools for eye make-up remover can be only in the case of waterproof makeup. Those who wear contact lenses, greasy makeup remover with eye use is not desirable. For this purpose, better to use fat-free lotion to remove makeup from the eyes and abandon waterproof mascara in favor of the ordinary.

How to remove eye makeup.
Please remove ink. For this purpose cotton swabs should be applied makeup remover with eye impose on the eyes for 2 - 3 minutes, then carefully remove the remnants of cosmetics. Mascara must be removed by the lash line - from the roots to the tips. Also remove the rest of makeup with a cotton swab and selected special funds, and should be carefully cleansing the massage lines. Swab should be carried out from the inner corner of the eye to the outside, and then in the opposite direction. Very important not to rub or stretch the skin. Furthermore, it is not recommended to rub makeup remover into the skin so that it does not absorb it. Better to remove makeup and dirt pat skin. Do not remove the makeup from the skin around the eyes is very hot or cold water, or, even worse, with soap. This can cause huge damage to your skin, which will eliminate the not so easy.

Hydration and nutrition.
To moisturize and nourish the skin around the eyes are special lotions, gels and creams. These funds, in contrast to the conventional means of skin care, do not contain various oils, which is conveyed in the application and may get into the eye, thereby cause irritation. Such funds must be approved by an ophthalmologist. More use of creams for dry skin, as they replenish fat, which is so lacking around the eyes, smooth fine lines, which can be caused by lack of moisture and make the skin smooth and supple. Creams better not applied to the upper eyelids and the area directly under the eyes, as different fats and oils contained in them can get into the eyes, which is very harmful. Necessarily need to read the part of the acquired assets. Having creams substance such as lanolin, should be avoided, since the application of the substance may cause eye irritation and redness.

It is important to apply the means to care for the skin around the eyes, because improper application of even the most efficient and expensive tools can backfire: wrinkles, puffiness and bags under the eyes do not have to wait long. It is strictly forbidden to smear cream on the eyelid skin. Recommended eye best anti aging eye cream applied with the ring finger, as it is the "non-working". Droplets of cream should be applied with light, circular, barely perceptible, massaging gently around the eyes. You can also do light tapping with fingertips, but this is the case, if you have circles under my eyes. This method facilitates the application of effective penetration of the cream prevents stretching of the skin, stimulates circulation. Eye cream should be applied from the outer corner to the inner, and not vice versa, as many of us do.

Lotions its composition lighter than creams so absorbed faster. They also contribute to the smoothing of wrinkles, make the skin smooth and shiny. Gel for the skin around the eyes are the most effective and useful, especially in cases of hypersensitivity eyes, tendency to swelling and wearing contact lenses. Tools such as gels for the skin around the eyes and can be applied on the eyelids. In order to avoid any allergic reactions, as well as conjunctivitis necessary means to care for the skin around the eye to change periodically, namely once every four months.

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