Drink milk muscle building

All of our athletes, we more or less know milk properties and we have heard repeatedly that daily consumption of a glass of milk for the body. Our mistake is that we think the milk just for having strong astkhoanhai properties. In fact, new research shows milk in Canada might be the best way to build muscle as well. on this subject, we have tried to make you familiar with the properties of the milk's wonders.

In this study three groups of women were studied after 16 weeks of the group that had more milk consumption compared to the average consumer groups and low consumption of milk per day were Terry 1.5 pounds of muscle-building was more. announced scientists certainly this muscle building will be on more men.

Key to this is the fact the two proteins found in milk called casein and whey (water soluble proteins). Digest casein to whey later.

"Andrea josh PhD. McMaster University kanda says low speed casein and whey protein has a higher speed of digestion is that both of these have an important role in muscle building. You can also get meat and casein use the eggs as well because they also have similar structural kekazein. It also consumes dairy frardah the best way to build muscle.

Final recommendation
If you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle building, you drink 1 to 2 glasses of milk after exercise (one hour after the end of the exercises) is always on the agenda of your diet program.
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