Key points in the Gym

Power of Practice ( Part I - deal with inappropriate secretion of cortisol )
Maybe a lot of novice bodybuilders bodybuilders , especially because the lack of this points to finish or do not grow their own .First, the knowledge of the action and motion analysis benefit and defects of the hormone write a full description . It should be noted that I have a lot of hormones continue to exist without a body , but no cortisol is not able to survive .
Adrenal glands (Adrenal) These glands are located on the kidneys and weighs about 5 grams per bulb . Each of the two parts of the gland cortex (Adrena Cortex) and brain (Adrenal Medulla) is composed of all the hormones are secreted separately .
 The adrenal cortical Adrenal cortex or medulla of the brain that is most important   So remove the cause of death is the destruction or removal of the medulla just to create disturbances . Cortex of adrenal corticosteroid hormones, such as to be a sex steroid . The adrenal cortex is composed of three layers from outside to inside are: The mineralocorticoids such as aldosterone secretion Glvmrvla relatively thin and are responsible for the metabolism of inorganic compounds , especially sodium and potassium are involved .

Fasykvla of glucocorticoids such as cortisol and corticosterone secretion in the thickness and is responsible for the metabolism of sugar and affect your blood sugar is high . Also involved in the metabolism of proteins and fats as well .
Rtykvla the central part of the adrenal gland is located in the vicinity of androgen secretion is responsible for the activities they are similar in male and female sex hormones .

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