How to keep the beauty?


Fitness dancing for healthy zhizniEsli you want to look beautiful in the summer season, it does not make any effort, you will not work. You have to do them, but they are afraid that it is not necessary, because this is not necessarily to buy expensive personal training in the gym. In this article you will learn some simple guidelines to help you achieve a good figure and it does not disappear in the hall for a few hours.

Fitness not only help maintain health, but also helps to improve brain activity. If you do not wish to work with weights at 24 kg and heavy weights, you can always do a fitness dancing. During the dance works such as a large number of muscles as well as in the gym. This improves mood and develops plastic that makes a woman beautiful, elegant and refined.

In order to maintain the tone of refuse from such trifles as the lift or public transportation. Better 1-2 stops to walk than wait for the bus. Run in the mornings or evenings. Partly 20-30 minute jog, due to the acceleration of metabolism, allows to maintain the tone, the natural beauty and color of the skin.  

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Body care

To keep your skin has always been firm and not dried up, after the shower, use a body cream with lifting effect. Prefer creams which is composed of; algae extract and green tea, retinol, hyaluronic acid and caffeine. These creams make the skin smoother, which means that all the minor faults of your naked body will be less noticeable.

To get rid of cellulite, try homemade compresses. Dilute the black clay with water to the consistency of sour cream, apply it on the problem areas of the body and cover with cling film. Be wrapped up in a warm coat or blanket. After 40 minutes, remove the clay and rinse with cool water. Then apply on the skin of any anti-cellulite cream.

Visit bath. Benefits of bath procedures for female beauty are undeniable; they help to improve the appearance of the skin, helps to eliminate toxins and weight loss. After heat treatment the skin becomes more sensitive to the active substances of different masks and creams. It is best to use natural products -.. Honey, milk, yogurt, ground coffee, herbal infusions, etc. However, before a visit to the bath is recommended to consult a doctor, as often it is contraindicated for patients with cardiovascular disease, carriers of acute viral infections. As well as cancer, epilepsy, varicose veins and other diseases can be a serious reason not to visit the baths.

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