How to choose a real estate agency


Regardless of the fact that the issue of "how to choose a real estate agency" is constantly discussed, both by consumers and the press in the media, but a distinct recipe that would guarantee an excellent result has not yet been found. Therefore, when looking for a real estate agency, you need to be careful.

When choosing a particular real estate agency, you need to pay special attention to certain points:

- Reputation. As a rule, relatives, friends or acquaintances who used the services of this agency can confirm their reputation. In this case, the task of selecting an agency is greatly simplified. But it is worth remembering that the services that satisfied your acquaintance, I can not arrange you, because every person has their own ideas about the qualifications, professionalism and skill. Therefore, do not refer to one recommendation and look at the agency more closely.

- Advertising agency. A reliable agency to take care of its image, so it spends no small money on advertising in the media, because acquaintance with the agency begins with advertising.

- Experience of the agency. The more time an agency works on the real estate market, the more it can be trusted. Professional in the field of real estate are considered to be agencies that work in the market for at least five years. Local Stevenage estate agency for property sales.

- Certificate. In 2002, they canceled the license and introduced a certificate for real estate activities. A certificate is a voluntary matter, but all major agencies have a certificate, as evidence that they provide quality services in accordance with current legislation. In addition, only those agencies that are insured against professional errors receive a certificate.

- Office. It is mandatory, when choosing a property agency, you need to visit their office. It is necessary to pay attention to where the office is, and how it is technically equipped. The agency, which has long been on the market has its branches in all areas of the city, as well as equipped with modern office equipment.

- Documentation. Be sure to ask the agency to show documents permitting business activities, if it is a branch, then photocopies. If the request provoked a negative reaction, such an agency should not be trusted. See if the agency has professional credentials, awards, etc.

- Services. When using the services of a real estate agency, you should also pay attention to the range of services they provide, such as renting an office from an owner, renting an office without intermediaries, commercial real estate. Large agencies, in addition to standard operations with the exchange, purchase and sale of housing, also provide assistance with operations conducted with non-residential premises, inheritance, privatization, rent of non-residential premises, etc.

The agency staff should have a legal department, which will help to track all the difficult moments and help to fix them.

Taking into account all the above mentioned points, it will be much easier for you to choose one among the many agencies where you will be provided with quality, professional and the most important safe services.

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