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In this article you'll learn all about whey protein.

Useful properties of whey protein
What to Watch Out For
How protein produced
Varieties of whey protein

Proper nutrition is based on the correct reception of micronutrients, namely protein must be involved in fitness person 2 grams per 1 kg of body weight, which is ~ 150 grams of protein a day. Use such an amount of protein from normal food, is quite difficult. Therefore, we need to use more protein shakes. If you are just starting to take protein, then we should begin it with serum.

Focus our attention on the accuracy and usefulness of whey protein because that milk protein is 80% casein and 20% consists of serum. Ie in normal human serum is presented diet very, very sparingly. Do whey protein has a very large value in the availability of BCAA (amino acids) relative to other amino acids, and especially if the second whey and is made by good quality manufacturer such as GoNutrition, it contains immunoglobulin.

Immunoglobulins - are protein molecules that support normal immune operation. Ie if you include in your diet protein shake based on whey protein you, first of all, notice that became less match. Even though you do not exercise just to improve your diet by introducing a protein cocktail based on serum protein, you will get a better quality of life (improving immunity).

Manufacturers have chosen serum for production of whey protein because it has a high biological value, very well and quickly absorbed.
How to produce the protein?

Whey - a by-product of cheese production. After getting on the dairy cheese, what remains is the serum. Serum very long time was a byproduct and merged. When sports nutrition came serum was produced ultra microfiltration technique, which resulted in serum was passed through a very fine sieve and protein concentration increased sharply, the concentration of carbohydrates and fats start to decrease.
Filtration, we obtain two forms of whey protein

1 form when the filtering is done in almost zero when the product is purified from carbohydrates completely. The result is a product with a 90% protein content and zero carbohydrate and fat. This product is called a whey protein isolate. Dietary protein beverage that GoNutrition's offers.

2 product when filtering is not communicated to the end, and we get the output somewhere around 60% protein beverage th and 25 - 30% of carbohydrates and fats in total. This drink is called concentrate.

Whey Protein
As defined with a choice of whey protein for yourself?

Always pay attention when choosing protein foods for lactose (milk sugar).
Milk sugar (lactose) - is a natural component of any milk protein, respectively, people usually well absorbed lactose up to 15 - 20 years. Then an enzyme that breaks down lactose - called lactase. He ceases to function and the vast number of adults who do not assimilate lactose, so often there is a problem: the man took a protein drink milk protein, and then notices that he began to indigestion. The first thing we pay attention - as you're handy with milk. If you're good to digest milk, and if that is not a problem, then you can use protein drinks on the basis of milk protein, but keep in mind the following: if you take a protein shake on the basis of milk protein which by definition contains lactose and plus he was divorced yet milk - you increase the amount of lactose. There is a situation where a person normally digest a glass of milk, but in this situation lactose may exceed your ability to assimilate this product which leads to indigestion.

Usually isolate learn absolutely everything, no contraindications to isolate not, because it does not contain lactose.

Concentrate if it is a 60% limit may be lactose and some category of people say that there is indigestion. A mixture of concentrate and isolate usually absorbed well.

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