Four ways to burn fat more

Fat calories you burn during your workout .
The harder you practice both during and after the workout you will burn fat .
Purpose of this article is to reduce body fat . Some of the most effective ways to burn a few calories can be reviewed here .
Do not forget you're on track to achieve ideal weight must take advantage of a good diet

1 . Activities to do
Repeat the exercise 10 times you mentioned. We quickly stopped the practice when it comes to number 10 , while you can also do one or two more repetitions . Most movements can be repeated in all sets of considerable pressure and increase your exercise . ( With instructor )

2 . Additional exercises to do in between sets
For example, while you are performing squat exercise . You can run these exercises are swedish swim training involves the muscles of your shoulder girdle .

3 . Reduce rest between sets
In a study conducted in 2011 showed the power of fat per 1 minute rest between sets are those athletes that are more than 3 minutes to relax .

4 . Greater focus on large muscle
Brazilian researchers 75 percent more fat than muscle during exercise small muscles occurs . Much larger muscle mass involved in exercise to burn fat, you'll make .

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