The effects of mephedrone


Mephedrone ( the chemical name of the drug: 4 metilmetkatinon, 4MMS ) is a chemical compound class of substituted cathinone and amphetamine, which empathogen and stimulant that causes a euphoric state. Those who have used mephedrone, describe its effect as a cross between methamphetamine and MDMA.
Mephedrone is often compared to cocaine. It is believed that physical affection mephedrone does not cause as many other drugs, though psychological dependence appears just after one or two doses of mephedrone, as there is neither an incomparable desire to continue taking the drug as soon as the effect of its earlier begins to subside. Around 2008 Mephedrone became popular in the Russian Federation.
Mephedrone is produced and sold in different forms:

White powder
Used the drug in the same in different ways:

Outer way ( through the mucous of the nose, mouth, rubbing into the gums )
Parenteral route ( intravenous injection)
Enteral ( swallowing pills )
Those who have tried mephedrone, they say that there is a strong desire to take it again and again until all the powder is not over, though in order to achieve the euphoria of this is totally unnecessary. To reduce the harm of taking drugs to reduce the use of narcotic substances to at least 0.5 grams a day.
Harm and side effects that come from the use of mephedrone:

mefedronVozmozhny problems with palpitations, memory, decline of attention, cause paranoia, anxiety. May get a rash, hallucinations, vomiting, nausea, problems with blood circulation, burns and bleeding of mucous membranes of the nose.
If the dose will be increased, perhaps too heavy sweating, depression, anxiety, uncontrolled contraction of the muscles of the jaw.
In the UK, the National Center Dependencies conducted research that showed that 51 % of people taking mephedrone, experienced headaches, 43 % complained of violations of the cardiovascular system, 27% of people have experienced nausea, and 15 % said they were freezing, as well as they were blue fingers and toes. Virtually nothing is known about the effects and side effects of mephedrone chronic administration of the drug. Probably mephedrone long-term use causes loss of strength - suggested Professor of Chemistry Queen's University Belfast, John Mann.

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